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Public Services

Whilst most public services are provided by utility and transport companies, Buntingford Town Council offer a few direct services which are available to the general public.

Civil Ceremonies

The Council Chamber is licensed for Civil Ceremonies and will comfortably seat around 30 to 40 people.

The rear garden provides a photographic opportunity.

Tourist Information

The Foyer of the Manor House provides a plethora of Tourist Information. There are hundreds of leaflets on attractions, events, travel. etc.

When open, The Clerk's Office is always willing to help in finding accommodation, travel routes, timetables and much more. Pop in and feel free to browse - you will be surprised just how much information is available.

Dog Fouling Prevention

The Town Council provides the Dog Bins throughout the town both in the Open Spaces and on the Highway. They are emptied by East Herts District Council.

Free Dog Pooh bags are provided by the Town Council and may be collected from the Foyer of the Manor House. Would you believe we give out over 10,000 bags every year and there are still some irresponsible dog owners out there!

Citizen's Advice Service

The Town Council helps to provide accommodation for the East Herts Citizen's Advisory Service. We make available two office rooms and subsidise their rent by 50%. This service is well used and could not operate in Buntingford without our help.

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