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The Maintenance of Layston Churchyard

Representatives of the Parochial Church Council (PCC) and the Town Council have agreed that Buntingford Town Council will take over the immediate clearance and on-going maintenance of the open Churchyard.

Following recent contractor work, the open churchyard has been completely cleared of the long grass. The rest of the churchyard will be kept short and as soon as the bird nesting season is finished, normally the 31st August, the hedges around the churchyard will be pruned and shaped and the mature trees will be "lifted" to give a more open appearance to the churchyard.

The Town Council are in the process of clearing the "old" (wooded) churchyard but work has been held up due to the number of birds still nesting in the surrounding hedgerows and trees.

As the land is still owned by the St Albans Diocese, only those operatives / companies recognised by the Diocese, the PCC or Buntingford Town Council are permitted to carry out any works on the site except for the individual tending of graves.

If anyone would like more information about the future of these churchyards and the proposed new cemetery then please pop into the Manor House and we will be only to pleased to help.