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Official Statement Regarding CCTV in Buntingford

The Town Council has noticed the number of recent posts on Facebook regarding the call for the installation of CCTV in Buntingford.

In November 2017 the Town Council, in association with the East Herts Rural Police, re-visited the possibility of installing CCTV and to that end requested expert guidance to answer the following:

Do we need CCTV?
If we need CCTV, how many cameras do we need?
Where should they be located?
How should they be monitored?

We are someway down the road to making a decision but we have to weigh the advantages of CCTV against the cost of Installation, on-going Maintenance, Monitoring etc. We are conscious that if we spend a substantial sum of Tax Payers money we must ensure that we have a robust system that not only detects crime but more importantly deters it.

Once the Council has more detailed information regarding potential CCTV systems and costs The Council would be happy to engage with a selected group of residents to discuss the pros and cons of installing further CCTV in Buntingford.

Posted: Wed, 14 Feb 2018 10:20 by Clerk's Office

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