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A Fond Fairwell

A Fond Fairwell

With the elections now over, the Town Council said a fond goodbye to number of serving members.

Eunice Woods has served for many a year and has been Mayor a number of times. It can truly be said that if you cut her in half you would find the word Buntingford, just like a stick of rock, running through her.

Jean Cook likewise has served the Council for many years and also has been Mayor on more than one occasion.

Graham Bonner may have been a more recent "acquisition" but became fully committed to the Town and served as Mayor for two years.

David Ginn served for two terms and found the Planning committee to his taste. He was also our "resident" tree surgeon.

Sincere thanks are extended to them all and they will be missed.

Posted: Mon, 11 May 2015 08:57 by Clerk's Office

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