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Questionnaires are on their way

Posted: Mon, 05 May 2014 09:00 by Clerk's Office

Residents across the parishes of Aspenden, Buckland & Chipping, Buntingford, Cottered, Hormead and Wyddial, will soon receive through their letter boxes the Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire.
Complete this and you could win £250. The form will be collected within 14 days but you could return it to one of the collection points listed.
You can also complete on-line, see the link on the form.
Also being distributed is a Business Questionnaire and again there is a cash prize for all completed forms.
Ben and Daisy will be texting, twitting and using other social media forms to get the Young people (13 to 19) of the town to complete their own questionnaire on-line.

Contact a local councillor or Buntingford's Clerk's Office (272222) for any further information.

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