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London Road Active Travel Fund Scheme - update.

The current phase of works is scheduled to be paused on 3rd December 2022.

London Road/Station Road will then re-open to through-traffic in both directions between 4th December 2022 and 2nd January 2023.

Phase A of construction will resume on 3rd January 2023. While good progress has been made, including most of the shared path having been constructed and the installation of the kerbs for the new bus... Read More »

Posted: Thu, 01 Dec 2022 09:49 by Clerk's Office

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The River Rib - Work Started

We are pleased to announce that work has now started on the River Rib restoration project.

Visit our webpage for more information.

Posted: Tue, 22 Nov 2022 10:24 by Clerk's Office

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Notice of Vacancy

that due to the resignation of Councillor Teresa Bonner, a vacancy has arisen in the office of Town
Councillor for Buntingford.
If by 6 December, 2022 a request for an election to fill said vacancy is made in writing to the
Returning Officer at the address below by TEN local government electors for area of Buntingford
Town Council, an election will be held... Read More »

Posted: Tue, 15 Nov 2022 14:23 by Clerk's Office

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Delay to River Rib work

We have been informed that the contractors Hertfordshire and Middlesex Wildlife Trust (HMWT) hired for the river works suffered a major break-in at their yard last week. All their specialist plant and equipment were stolen.

They believe it could take some time to replace the machinery and therefore the river work is on hold until further notice.

Once HMWT inform BTC of when they expect the work to commence... Read More »

Posted: Thu, 10 Nov 2022 16:53 by Clerk's Office

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Work to start on the River Rib

We are very pleased to announce that the proposed work on the river Rib through the town will start towards the end of October. In fact it may be under way as you read this article.
Hertfordshire and Middlesex Wildlife Trust (HMWT) has received all the permissions they require from the Environment Agency (EA) to start this work.
The anticipated work is to change and improve the structure of the river... Read More »

Posted: Fri, 21 Oct 2022 09:52 by Clerk's Office

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East Herts District Council Election Results

Jeff Jones (872 votes) and Stan Bull (782 votes) have been re-elected as District Councillors for Buntingford.

Turnout - 28.87%

Posted: Fri, 03 May 2019 10:57 by Clerk's Office

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Changes to Local Bus Service 331

New residential development taking place in Buntingford will release funding for improvements to service 331 which are planned to come into operation on 2nd July 2018.

Between Buntingford and Hertford buses will run every hour for most of the day. As this frequency is operationally incompatible with the present generally two-hourly service between Buntingford and Royston, the section north of Buntingford... Read More »

Posted: Thu, 17 May 2018 14:00 by Clerk's Office

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Official Statement Regarding CCTV in Buntingford

The Town Council has noticed the number of recent posts on Facebook regarding the call for the installation of CCTV in Buntingford.

In November 2017 the Town Council, in association with the East Herts Rural Police, re-visited the possibility of installing CCTV and to that end requested expert guidance to answer the following:

Do we need CCTV?
If we need CCTV, how many cameras do we need?
Where should... Read More »

Posted: Wed, 14 Feb 2018 10:20 by Clerk's Office

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Mustard Seed Singers Concert a Success

Mustard Seed Singers Concert a Success

The first fund raising concert of the Mustard Seed Singers was held on 1st April at St Peter's Church, Buntingford and the audience of about 100 really did seem to enjoy the show which raised just over £600 to add towards much needed repairs to the brickwork of St Peter's.

Rehearsing for the next concert on 1st October has already begun which will be held at St Mary's Aspenden where all profit... Read More »

Posted: Wed, 28 Jun 2017 17:30 by Clerk's Office

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Buntingford Walking Football Team Off To A Flying Start

Buntingford Walking Football Team Off To A Flying Start

The Buntingford Walking Football Team played their 1st ever match against Hertford last Saturday.

Featuring a mixture of Town Councillors, a Town Council Officer, a District Councillor and members of the public, the team visited the Hertford Town Football Ground to play an 8-a-side match. After a closely contested 1st half which provided no goals, the match was eventually won by Buntingford with a score... Read More »

Posted: Tue, 25 Apr 2017 12:30 by Clerk's Office

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