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Clerk: Jill Jones
Manor House, High Street
Buntingford SG9 9AB

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Here are some recently asked questions

Why are my undelivered parcels returned to Ware and not Buntingford Post Office.

We have checked with Buntingford Post Office who say that if your undelivered parcel is returned to Ware you will receive a card giving you the option to either have the parcel re-delivered or left with a neighbour. For a small fee you can have your parcel delivered to Buntingford Post Office for collection.

I've just moved to Buntingford. How do I sort out my Council Tax & Refuse Collection for my new home? Welcome to Buntingford! Your Council Tax & Refuse Collection are both organised by East Hertfordshire District Council. They can be contacted via their website www.eastherts.gov.uk, or via phone on 01279 655261. You can either use an online form on their website to request a wheelie bin & arrange to pay your Council Tax or you can ring the number and ask for 'Waste & Recycling' or 'Council Tax'. You can also register to vote via East Herts Council.
If there are any other things you're unsure about, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!

Will our Council Tax fall? Why is nothing simple? Unfortunately the answer isn't. Your Council Tax is made up of 4 elements - Herts County, East Herts District, Hertfordshire Police and the Parish (i.e. us). The first three elements are the same across the District, that is, every household pays the same amount in each band. Those three authorities control how much that is.
The Parish bit is called the Precept and that is controlled by Buntingford Town Council. For a number of years this has not risen and this tax element has been falling. In 2011 it was £114.58 per D band and in 2014 it will be £98.70 per annum. Since 2014, there has been no increase in the per annum charge. As more houses are built in the town, we hope this bit will carry on falling.

Our Street Light is still out! These are the responsibility of Herts Highways and we continue to report all lights we are notified of. The current Highways response would appear that due to its priorities, street lights are on a four week repair schedule at best. If you would like to report a fault yourself or keep track of a fault that has already been reported, visit https://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/faultreporting/.

What can be done about shops closing? All retail outlets are private concerns and most lease their property from the local property owners. Unfortunately "Business is business" and unless they have sufficient customers, then they are unlikely to be able to afford the rents.

What's happening with the Monday Market? Throughout the country, markets are closing mainly due to out of town shopping and lack of local people using them. The Town Council has made a number of efforts to revitalise the market but has met with little success. There is no charge for the stall holders and some local clubs have taken advantage of this. Again, unless local residents use the Market, then the stallholders cannot make enough money to even cover the cost of getting here.

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