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Council Land & Property

Buntingford Town Council own and operate three buildings:
- The Manor House, High Street
- Seth Ward Community Centre, Luynes Rise
- The Pavilion, Norfolk Road Playing Field

It owns three recreation grounds:
- Norfolk Road
- Luynes Rise
- Hare Street Road (rear of Carter's Close)
All three contain a Children's Play Area with a variety of play equipment. Norfolk Road PF also contains a Skate Ramp and a floodlit Multi-Games all weather area.

BTC owns 5 plots of land all currently designated Open Space:

  • small green area in Monks Walk adjacent to house number 100
  • small green area in Monks Walk adjacent to house number 167
  • area of trees and scrub at the rear of the Post Office
  • Riverside Walk, an area between Downhall Ley and Aspenden Road and bordered on the west by the river

Much of the designated common land within Buntingford is "unowned" and as such is the responsibility of the Town Council.

Around the Town are a number of items which are owned and maintained by the Town Council and include:
- The Cage (old lock up)
- Victorian Pump
- Horse Trough
- Millennium Clock

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