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Manor House

Clerk: Jill Jones
Manor House, High Street
Buntingford SG9 9AB

Tel: 01763 272222

Cllr Stan Bull

Cllr Stan Bull

Stan Bull was born in Buntingford in 1938; he joined the Town Council over 25 years ago.

He has been chairman of the Amenities committee and serves on several
organisations in the town. He has been an East Herts District Councillor for
16 years. He was the first appointed Mayor in Buntingford and held this
position for 5 years. He has been Deputy Chairman of Development Control,
Chairman of The Primary Care Trust Scrutiny committee, Chairman of
Buntingford Community Voice. For the past 12 years has been a board member
of South Anglia Housing Association.

Stan has seen many changes in Buntingford over the years and hopes by
serving on the Town Council he can meet the residents needs.

Stan is a member of the following Committees
Amenities Committee

Clerk's Office
The Manor House
01763 272222