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Cllr Mick Furness

Cllr Mick Furness

Mick was co-opted onto the Council in November 2020 and was elected onto the council in May 2023

I retired from the Prison Service 13 years ago and spent some time as a consultant in officer recruitment. Then, when family circumstances allowed, my wife and I relocated from Yorkshire to Hertfordshire to be closer to our children based in this area, though we also have family still in Yorkshire.

I have spent many years working with people of all walks of life, from the most difficult or vulnerable to those at the higher end of the social spectrum. I have negotiated at ministerial levels, worked with senior political figures within the community and dealt with the most recalcitrant of offenders during their time in custody. Negotiation and people skills are qualities I feel able to bring to the table. While a strong team player I have the independence of thought to work separately when required.

Now, living in the community I serve as governor of a different type on the board at Edwinstree School and at Thundridge Primary. I have a deep affection for this lovely community and wish to serve alongside those who have its best interests at heart.

Mick is a member of the following Committees
Amenities Committee
Planning Committee

Clerk's Office
The Manor House
01763 272 222

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