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Cllr Jonathan Ling

Cllr Jonathan Ling

Jonathan Ling was elected to the Town Council over 40 years ago in the hot summer of 1976. With Buntingford Civic Society (of which he was Chair) he was keen to see the development of the East Herts District Council's Small Town and Village Appraisals (ST) project. He joined the newly formed Amenities Committee and later the F&GP (now Resources) Committee. Re-elected, he re-invigorated the Civic Society's idea of a Buntingford Town plan and was appointed editor by the Town Council. It was finally published 1986. Around this period Jon successfully proposed that the Planning sub-committee of which he was chair should become a full Planning Committee.

Vice Chairman of the Council from 1984 to 1986, he was elected Chairman of the Town Council in each of the years 1987 when one of his first duties was to open the Buntingford Bypass, 1988 and 1989-90. He returned as Chairman (then renamed Town Mayor) for the year 1996-97. This was at a critical time for the Town Council when a complete change in administration had to be put in place and the Council moved from Bridgefoot House to its new premises in the Manor House.

Very active locally, Jon was secretary of the Twinning Association when Luynes was twinned with the Town in 1978 and recently negotiated the twinning with Ólvega, Chairman of Millfield Governors and Chairman of the Buntingford Citizens' Advice Bureau Management Committee (Now East Herts Citizens' Advice Service). In May 2012, Jon was elected Deputy Mayor for the ensuing year and again in 2013 and is actively engaged in establishing the local area Neighbourhood Plan and The Phoenix Project.

Jonathan is a member of the following Committees
Planning Committee
Resources Committee

Clerk's Office
The Manor House
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