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Cllr John Noades

Cllr John Noades

John was born in Buckland in 1934, and has lived relatively local to Buntingford all his life.
John left school at 14 and worked for D M Hodge who owned one of three farms in Buckland.
When John turned 18, he registered for national service and was drafted into the Royal Air Force, where he was posted to Bassingbourn.

John was lured away from farm work in 1965 and began working for Herts County Council Highways department. John moved back to Buntingford in 1992 and took early retirement in 1997. John was initially co-opted onto Buntingford Town Council in 2003 and has been heavily involved with Buntingford Town Council ever since.

John has previously served as Mayor of Buntingford on five different occasions.

Cllr Noades has been on the Town Council in the past and was most recently co-opted onto the council shortly after the May 2023 elections.

John is a member of the following committees
Resources Committee

Clerk's Office
The Manor House
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