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Cllr Jacky Danagher

Cllr Jacky Danagher

Hi, I am Jacky Danagher, a resident of Buntingford since 2001. We, my husband and 3 sons, moved here in July, just before the birth of our youngest in the November. All of our 4children attended the local schools.I became a retained fire fighter at Buntingford fire station and worked there for a while before I moved onto work at Freman college for the last 12 years. I joined the Town council in 2021. Buntingford means so much to me and I wanted to be able to help our little town in any way I can. I am still learning but I am very keen.Cllr Jacky Danagher was co-opted onto the Council in June 2021. Councillor Mrs Danagher was then elected onto the Council in May 2023 and was appointed as Deputy Mayor by her peers for the 23/24 council year.

Jacky is a member of the following Committees
Amenities Committee
Planning Committee
Resources Committee

Clerk's Office
The Manor House
01763 272222

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