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Cllr Graham Waite

Cllr Graham Waite

My wife Jill and I have lived in Buntingford for 40+ years, having moved here from Hertford where we lived after our marriage, moving from Enfield and Edmonton respectively.

Our 2 daughters attended Layston, Edwinstree and Freman College as do our grandchildren. Educated at Downhills Central School in Tottenham, I served an apprenticeship with a large private telecoms company, working my way through the ranks becoming Operations Manager responsible for in excess of 120 field service engineers.

After leaving the company, I started an Electrical Contracting business, but since semi-retirement now spend a lot of my time helping Jill run her secretarial business from her offices in the Manor House, mainly on the IT side.

As a councillor I will try to serve the community of Buntingford to the best of my ability with its best interests at heart.
I was elected to be Town Mayor by my peers in 2018 and served as Mayor until 2022.

Graham is a member of the following Committees
Planning Committee
Resources Committee

Clerk's Office
The Manor House
01763 272222

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