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Buntingford Playground Facilities

Further to our announcement earlier this week regarding the opening of the Children's Playgrounds, we are pleased to announce that all of the Children's Play Areas will be open for use from later today, Friday 10th July 2020, albeit with some restrictions. Following a full and comprehensive review of the play equipment we have felt it necessary to remove certain pieces of equipment and restrict the use of others, full details are at each Play Area with appropriate signage and we request that for the safety of all, these restrictions and guidelines are followed. The Outdoor Gym is also open.

It should be borne in mind that COVID 19 has not gone away and can remain on Hard Surfaces for up to 72 hrs, but as we are not able to regularly clean the hard surfaces, we advise all potential users to take with you hand sanitiser and sanitising wipes. You are reminded that children can be carrying the virus without displaying any symptoms but can still pass it on.

The Multi-Use Games Area located at Norfolk Road Playing Fields is still CLOSED, however we are in discussions with Everyone Active who manage the facility on behalf of the Town Council, along with the Swimming Pool, as to their plans to possibly re-open on 25th July and therefore start to take bookings to hire out the MUGA for certain activities. We hope to be able to advise the position on this later next week.

Please be patient during these extraordinary times, our main objective as a Town Council is to do as much as is possible to minimise the risk of ANY resident contracting COVID 19, but ultimately we are relying on everyone using their common sense and not putting themselves or others at risk.

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High Street

The Government is instructing local authorities to put in place safe social distancing (SD) measures to protect residents, in preparation for when our High Streets will be fully open. Hertfordshire Highways are therefore looking to provide enough space on pavements to enable social distancing. Measures have already been put in place in many towns without any prior consultation. For example, in Royston High Street the parking spaces have been closed with barriers. However, they are listening to representations afterwards, for example in Royston to gain an extra disabled space.

These are temporary emergency measures to aid the easing of restrictions.
The Town Council, Civic Society, County Councillor and the Chamber of Commerce agreed that it would be good to get in first and put forward to Herts Highways something that might be acceptable locally, particularly for residents. A group went round the town to consider potential solutions for Buntingford. However, ultimately, the final decision rests solely with Herts Highways.

At the end they discussed their views and Jeff Jones agreed to put this in a draft email so that those in the group could comment. That is what has been circulated. There are no formal, proposals, just an attempt by the group to try to find possible solutions to enable the inevitable social distancing measures.

Any individual thoughts on social distancing measures should be directed to Herts Highways as they are unilaterally responsible for any measures that are put in place to protect shoppers and ensure shops can re-open safely in a town with narrow pavements.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Community Help

Buntingford Town Council are aware that many residents of the town are concerned about the present situation regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the affect it is having on daily life.

We would encourage all members of the public to follow Government guidelines and take all sensible precautions to avoid contracting the virus. These guidelines can be found on Hertfordshire County Council website here.

We are aware that there are some residents of the town who are elderly and vulnerable especially those with underlying health problems and we would encourage those residents to take extra care.

There are some residents of the town who have offered to help those in need and working with them we have formed the "Buntingford and surrounding villages community support against Coronavirus" group.

If you are in a position to help those who are self-isolating, elderly or vulnerable, or you are in need of help yourself, we would ask that you contact us using either of the methods below leaving your name and contact details (telephone number, address and email). For safeguarding purposes, we are only able to register volunteers who are listed on the Electoral Role OR who are police / security checked.

If you are aware of someone who you regard as in need of help, but are unable to give assistance yourself then please contact the Council on 01763 877 545 or by email to heretohelp.buntingford@gmail.com and we will try to match help with requirement.

Annual Town Meeting – Thursday 19th March 2020 – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Bearing in mind the current situation regarding the potential to spread the Coronavirus within the population of Buntingford, the Town Council has taken the decision to postpone the Annual Town Meeting due to take place on Thursday 19th March at Seth Ward Community Centre. The meeting will be reconvened for a date later in the year and you will obviously be advised of this date when it is scheduled.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Chatter Tables - Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have made the decision to cancel the chatter table events on the first and third Monday of the month until further notice.